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Sexual Addiction

Fully Alive, Greg and Lisa talked about sexual addiction.I have to admit this was one of the most interesting segments I have heard, at least for me. One of the facts they presented was that about 10% of internet users admit to having a problem with pornography. WOW! 10% that admit it, so how many people are really addicted to pornography?

In the segment one male caller mentioned his problem as well as an email about a woman struggling with internet pornography. The male caller mentioned that it has been difficult to stop. As he describes, he gets an urge to view pornography even if he is tired or when he does not really want to do it at all. As he describes it destroying his relationship with his wife; Greg asks him why has he not joined a group to help. He said that many of the groups (within the church) are expensive and he cannot afford it right now. Greg provides him to seek out help through groups like sexaholic anonymous and to check out the website Unity Restored to help with his addiction.
After that caller Lisa read off a email from an anonymous and her problem with internet pornography also. In her case, her husband does not know that she is dealing with the problem of internet pornography and she is scared to tell him. As she describes she likes videos with rape and anger and is afraid to admit these things to anyone. Greg provides the same information as he did with the male caller along with some women resources. He also suggests for her to talk to her spouse to help her in resolving her problem.
The last segment ended with a couple and the struggle they have had in their marriage and life. They both have a problem of worrying about many things in their lives such as losing jobs, supporting a family etc.. They both went a long time without thinking of god. In the end they give a message that people should have trust in God. The epiphany that came to them was to place trust in god. That is when the things in their lives changed for the best and they learned to worry less only by placing faith in God’s plan for their lives.

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Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd

A great way to start the day is listening to Seize the Day on The Catholic Channel - Sirius 159 6-10AM. Host Gus Lloyd provides a full day's worth of daily inspiration. The show features frequent guests, reflections on the daily readings, daily Mass from St Patrick's Cathedral, Unpacking the Pope (Examining the Holy Father's messages from his recent visit to the US), Fodder for the Water...uh...Cooler (news you can use to stimulate sintilating conversation at your place of business or work).

Gus also has a website that he updates DAILY with information on Radio Guests and a commentary on today;s Mass readings called :60 Second Reflection.

Today Gus' message was a timely recommendation suggesting we all do a "Fruit Check".

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Book reviews: Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving

Since we didn't get a copy of Dr. Gregory Popcak's (who hosts Fully Alive from 10-midnight eastern on The Catholic Channel) new book "Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving," (and why would I? I can't even get a date!), we thought we'd tell you the other things people are saying.

The book is easy to read, peppered with practical examples and displays a healthy sense of humour about this important topic. In showing that we are made for holy sex, for toe curling, mind blowing, infallible loving, Popcak has answered those critics who portray the Church as the ‘fun police’ by reclaiming sex as God’s purpose, and by showing that following God’s plan fully leads to the best possible sex life! - "With A Grain of Salt" blog

I had the honor of being a reader for it and was impressed with both its frankness and its insightfulness: be ready to blush and be ready to be blessed. - Heart, Mind and Strength weblog,

I have one suggestion if you ever read this book. Don't ever read it during ovulation time while you're trying to abstain!!!!! I am doing that and it's tough to wait :) ... - email to aforementioned weblog

His essential message makes this worthwhile reading. - Publisher's Weekly

Whether or not you are Catholic, this book is the best I've ever seen on how to have a TRULY satisfying sexual relationship. - Anonymous review at

You can order the book at, Barnes and Now, if i could find a lady to marry, I'll definitely give my money to Dr. Popcak :)

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Grazie Busted Halo!

Grazie to the Busted Halo show for having me talk on the radio tonight. Was a lot of fun!

Which translates into fun for you. How? Well, it opened the door for new writers to the site, which means there will be more updates, more voices, and more reading pleasure!

Looking forward to The Carpenters sang, "We've only just begun."

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Span the Sphere

"Span the sphere" is our look at all things Catholic. Not bound just by the content on the channel, we strive to bring you content you can use from the world of Catholicism.

• Could the English Mass be going the way of bad Celtics basketball? Well not right now, but In this Newsweek article from June 19, looks like Latin Mass could make a comeback. Pope Benedict XVI, according to the report, would like to make Latin Mass more available, but I prefer english mass: I can't speak a word of Latin and would be so confused. Then again, I'm just an RCIA student, so I know nothing.

• While I don't have to worry about my church being burned by haters in the U.S. as much, our Catholic brothers and sisters in Egypt do. Another Catholic church was destroyed by fire, just three weeks after another one was burned due to tensions between Christians and Muslims.
We definitely have it good here in the U.S.,. Keep them in your prayers

• Happy birthday to St. John the Baptist! American Catholic has more on that, as they profile a "Saint of the Day." on their website.

• In the Catholic Answers Forum, a member asked an apologist if speaking in tongues was the mark of demonic possession. Well, no, but the more educated response can be found here.

And if you listen to Busted Halo tonight, your lone humble author will hopefully make an appearance. I say this in small type because I hate the idea of promoting myself, yet I thought I would mention it anyway.

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Three Days without you

Going three days without Lino Rulli? Is it even possible?

As an everyday listener to Lino and the crew at Busted Halo, I think I've gone two-three days in the last three months without Lino. But Doug in Kansas, from He went three straight days!

You can read about Doug and his impromptu meeting with Rob Astorino at the link above, or by visiting

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Prayer before radio?

Listeners of today's Catholic Guy show with Lino Rulli had a puzzling question posed to them in the third hour: Should the crew pray before the show?

You can read Dan's opinion here. Needless to say, the answer is a profound yes. Maybe not on the air, but good grief, to not say any type of prayer at all before the show? Silliness of the some crew members to think otherwise.

While some of the callers said that it would take away the silliness and fun of the show, I have to disagree. If anything, prayer before the show (or anything) is bound to make it better.

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Comic Book Commandments

According to, a renowned New York artist has added a modern twist to ancient Jewish Law in creating a painting of Biblical proportions.

OK, I didn't write that intro myself, but Eileen Markey did, and it's a fantastic read about "Comic Book Commandments. Below is a sample.

"There is a kind of prayer that leaks out between the panels of the work," said Rand, who is Jewish, but not observant. "Art can't be separated from the spiritual. Any creative activity is an act of prayer."

Rand, a fast-talking middle-aged man with tough, worn hands said he wanted to create a Jewish iconography. The result is an overwhelming wall of pictures, all painted in comic book or dime novel style cartoons that lays out in black and white and purple and magenta just how present God is in all aspects of life.

Photo credit: Mary Faith O'Neill

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We're live at Some goof took blog159, so you'll have to padon the extra ing in the name. But hopefully this makes it easier to get to us.

See you this week!


New name

Still looking for an actual web address. sounds ok, but it also looks like, "Look, a tour blog." Confusion is no fun.

If you have any suggestions, let me know...I'm racking my brain and like my dead car's gas tank, coming up empty.


Gus Loyd's A Question of Faith

Gus Lloyd, who hosts the morning show called "Seize The Day," has an article published on the Catholic Channel's website, entitled, "Letting Go." Here's a sample.

I’m a dog person. And my family is a dog family. It was that way growing up, too. We always had a dog or two or three around the house. While we always had at least one of our own, we would welcome in strays and they would hang around for while until their wanderlust couldn’t be held in check any longer. Occasionally they would hang around for the rest of their lives. Murphy was the prime example of that. Ol’ Murph wandered into our lives and decided to adopt us. We loved that dog until his dying day. Still do in our memories.

Read the rest here

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