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A new way to communicate

After an afternoon of tinkering around, it's finally complete: a message board for The Catholic Channel!

If you visit
, you can post away about Father Dave's laughter, the awesome singing of Robyn Gould, Brian's benevolence, or the Pseudo lifestyle of Brett Siddell. Anything that's on your mind about any show on the channel, or just in general, is open and free to chat about.

In addition to posting topics and messages, you can register your screenname and actually use the board's chatroom to talk to other TCC listeners in real time. I think its really exciting, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

Thanks a bunch!

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Prayers with a Paulist

Here are this week's prayer request. Please pray for us, and the others around you. Lives will be much more blessed because of that :)

1. Lynn ~ Prayers for Trishona at Starbucks, her Husband has recurring stomach cancer.
2. Dustin ~ Prayers for the students and families affected by the UCA school shootings.
3. Stephanie ~ Prayers for her Mom, Dorothy, who is 80 and has lung cancer. May she be peaceful in her time of death.
4. Dario ~ Prayers for his son Gabriel who has pneumonia.
5. Eric ~ Prayers for student Jessica, whose cousin died at the age of 5.

Late birthday and fiesta pics

A little late (a month actually! Ack! I am the worst blogger ever), but here are some pictures from Robyn and Fr. Dave's birthday bash. The big bar of chocolate is from yours truly (the lazy guy!), while the Tamales were sent by someone, whose name escapes me at 4:42 a.m.. When Robyn corrects me, I'll put the name in.

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