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Prayers with a Paulist

These prayer requests are WAY backed up. Which is a huge fault of mine, and I apologize. No more lazy posting! That's my new year's resolution.

Sarah ~ Huntington, WV: Prayer for her nephew Reed – hospitalized for induced paralysis

Dennis ~ Florida: Prayers for daughter Holly – for depression and seizures

Paula ~ Lexington Park, MD: Pray for guidance for getting along with and forgiving her Mother

Helene (Los Angeles) ~ for her friend Marissa, she is having a tough time making ends meet.

Roy ~ for his wife Karen, having a difficult time with her siblings

Kathy (Roscoe, ILL) ~ for her friend Barbara with lung cancer.

Phil ~ for himself and his family, he may be deployed overseas.

Justin (Harvey, ND) ~ having a tough time financially

Aurora (Slidell, LA) ~ for her grandmother in law, Henrietta, with pneumonia

Russell ((Milford, CT) ~ prayers for his 3rd Grade teacher, Mr. Yanick, with cancer.

Bridgette (Carlsbad, CA) ~ for Mary Rose with cancer

Jessie ~ prayers for himself, lost his dad 2 years ago and holidays are tough times & for his marriage

Johnny (San Luis Obispo, CA) prayers for his wife Veronica, having health issues.


Fr. Dave loves his burgers

Was browing Youtube, and I found this video of Fr. Dave at In-N-Out Burger. Boy he's not kidding when he says he loves In-N-Out Burger!

Since I am a horrible lazy poster, I thank Fr. Dave for putting this on Youtube. This way, I can at least give you a good post.

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