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Prayer Requests - 09/21/09

Please pray for the following people who have asked for your prayers...
-Brett – for Robyn’s safe return back to NYC and the show; for his friend’s newborn baby; for his friend who has just recently found what doctors believe is a tumor in her stomach; and also for his other friend who witnessed her mother, Mary, attempting suicide. (From Brett himself: Sorry it’s a lot this week from me and that the requests are not too specific with names. Thank you so much for all your prayers.)
Father Dave – for St. Frances Cabrini Parish for all their needs
-Lillian – for her grandson Ethan who was born blind
-Lynn – for her grand-daughter Anna-Lee who was born premature
-Kyle – for himself as he has an upcoming job interview
-Jackson – for himself to be a good Godfather, and for his new Goddaughter
-Brian – for the continued health and wellness of his grandfather Larry
-Chris – for pastor Alvin who is travelling to Europe

From our facebook page:
-Dawn - I need a prayer and a sign from God, neon preferably.
-Lori - A friend of mine at work has a daughter that is fighting colon cancer, please keep Stephanie in your prayers
-Dori - My friend Emma's father is dying, end stage cancer. Please pray for the family as they deal with this tragedy…
-Terry - Please pray for Bianca's Dad.
-John - I ask that you pray for our family. That the Lord gives us strength for challenges in our lives.
-Peggy - Please pray for peace and decency and honesty throughout the world - these graces would do wonders for us all.
-Jacqueline - Prayer request for family of four-year-old boy who was struck and killed in front of his house, and for the driver who was not at fault, but is taking this very, very hard.
-Sarah - Pray request for my four-month-old Adella that she continue to grow and thrive. We are thankful to God everyday for the gift of her presence in our life.

Thank you so much Team Busted Halo Extendido for all of your prayers for all these people going through their various challenges. We appreciate it very much. Our prayers are with you as well.

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