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Backed up prayer requests!

Due to the nuttiness of the SiriusXM merger, things have gotten nutty, but here are some prayer requests for others. Please take some time to think about these people in prayer over the holiday with your family.

- Father Dave - his mother during holiday travel

- Benevolent Brian - his father Harvey who will be in hospital during Thanksgiving

- Tristan - Pensacola, FL - his sister Stephanie with panreatic cancer who needs a pancreas and kidney transplant, and also those who will be far away from family for Thanksgiving

- Robyn - for Eben being safe while playing hockey

- Steve - Phoenix, AZ - for Mark and his family who just lost his wife

- Stephanie, Santa Ana, CA - pray for pastor and parish who just lost a parishioner

- Tammy Besiele ~ needs prayers going in to holiday season

- Nancy - Houston, TX - for her brother Buzz who is having another brain surgery

- email from Steve in DC who is discerning a bone marrow transplant

- Al - Dover, DE - for Father Patrick Kemp who suffered a stroke

Sheila ~ Vancouver, - CA prayers for her nieces and nephews

Nancy ~ Putnam, NY – Her husband, Vincent, has not been feeling well

Karen ~ Niceville, FL – Her friend, Barry, has blood clots

Jenny ~ Ukraine – prayers for all of those that sacrifice for their country (prayers for troops)

Brian ~ For his dad, Harvey

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