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Prayer Requests

The following people have asked for your prayers. Thank you in advance.
- Brian - for his grandfather Jim who was injured in a fall recently; and for himself to be strong going through a troubling and difficult time
- Miles - for his brother Myron and wife Angel who are considering getting a divorce
- Rosalie - for her sister-in-law Dani as she searches for a job
- Jimmy - for his wife and himself to have self-discipline in a time of weakness
- Jack - for the men in halfway houses out of prison trying to successfully re-integrate into a positive role; and for his own health as a runner who has been injured for a year
- Joanne - for her and her husband Russell who have been separated for a couple years, and are looking to get the relationship back together again
- Elva - for her husband Lorenzo who is going to traffic court soon, and would just like a fair and even situation; and also for her friends Gina and Vince who are trying to raise their children well
- Connie - for her father George who is going through health issues and lost his house; and for her husband Jerry who is going through the process of converting
- Karen - for her husband Matthew, who passed away too soon, and for the family dealing with this untimely loss
- Laura - for her sister-in-law Linda who has cancer and is trying experimental methods of treatment
- Stan - for himself as he is trying to quit smoking; and for his two kids because, as Stan pointed out, "our kids always need our prayers"
- Anna - for her husband to start practicing their faith
- Heidi - for her friend Melissa and her brother-in-law, and all others who are still in the search for a new job in a tough economic time
- Nancy - for herself and her gallbladder issue; and for her son to find a good woman
- Kathy - for her sister-in-law Maxine and her brother Charles, as Maxine is going through difficult emotional and mental times, and it seems hard on Charles as well
- Judy - for all her employees to have the strength to perservere
- David - for his girlfriend's brother Kyle who is going through surgery soon
- Steve - for his friends Mike and Maggie who have already lost a child and now have recently learned that their 2-year-old has been diagnosed with cancer as well.

These are clearly tough and challenging times for all the people mentioned above, and the many other out there with their troubling situations. Thank you so much for your prayers.

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