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Prayer Requests - 10/18/10

The following people have asked for your prayers at this time. Thank you in advance.

- Gennie - for discerning her will to be a nun
- Audrey - for brother-in-law Justin who was recently divorced and is having a tough time raising the kids by himself

- Marie - for her son Barry who is looking to return to the church but is slowed by his vehemently non-Catholic wife

- Vince - for his sister-in-law Joanne as her cancer has been in remission but has returned

- Rabdall - for his wife Miranda who recently had a miscarriage

- Joy - for her daughter Toni to return to the church

- Tom - for her grandmother Elaine who is in the ER, and for Father Jack who was recently diagnosed with muscle disease

- Casey - for her friend Sandy who has thyroid cancer; and for the Curley family who has the patriarch of the family, Steven to cancer

- Debbie - for Justin, a one-year-old with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant

- Isabelle - for her sister Anna who has breast cancer and for her niece Candace to return to the church

- James - for his neighbor Evelyn who is suffering with a mysterious fever; and for himself to pass his police test

- Larry - a prayer for all the clergy for all that they do

- Tom - for his wife Brenda and for mother-in-law Cleo who is 93-year-old

- Sister Julie - for the repose of the soul of Sister Mary Adonza
- Adrianne - that she makes it through the week with all her work!
- Shawn - for his friend Zoe who is in the hospital with a drug overdose
- Lisa - pray for two soldiers, Josh and Marcus, who were injured in active duty
Thank you so much for your prayers.

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