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Prayer requests 3/30

Here are this week's prayer requests. Also, last week's will be up later today (the email is on my work hard-drive).

John, Alvin, MO – for sister Brittany-Carmen having trouble in her life
Paula, Parkersburg, WV – for the Kincaid family who lost their 11-yr-old child
Maggie, Fort Hood, TX – for her son’s barber Lenny, whose son was born prematurely
Joe, La Plata, MD – for daughter Evelyn and son-in-law Rob who both lost their jobs
Phil, Mooresville, NC – for his friend Wes and his wife whose son is having seizures
Chase, Lake Charles, LA – for his mother Patti who has bronchial disease
Eddie, Great Neck, NY – for help getting Eddie through a dark time in his life
Chris, Colorado Springs, CO – for his daughter Samantha who is having foot surgery

EDIT: Here are the late requests from 3/23

Eva ~ Driving through Oregon
Prayers for her 29 year old son Brandon, that will find his way from living sin.
Ed ~ Boston, Mass
Prayers for Renada, a woman that he works with that lost her 19 year old daughter while she was away to college.
Pesci ~ Staten Island, N.Y.
Prayers for his ex-girlfriend, Shannon, that she may see the light.
Judy ~ Boise, ID
Her son Bob left for basic training at Camp Pendleton for the Marines.
Jim ~ Cleveland, OH
Prayers for his sister, Jolette, that she have a quick and safe recovery from her major surgery.
Marisa ~ Toronto, CA
Prayers for her family. She lost her youngest son at 18 due to a brain tumor. Prayers for her other two children, Marco and Andrea.
Stan ~ Sarasota, FL
His wife, Mary Anne, had a heart attack and is suffering from COPD.
Jim ~ Humboldt, CA
For his friend, Doris, and her family. She has cancer.
Nancy ~ Colorado Springs, CO
Prayers for her 19 year old son, Corey, that he moves in a positive direction and keeps his faith.


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