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Brett Siddell and Paul Walker: Separated at birth?

Robyn mentioned that Brett probably looked like Ron Astorino when he was younger. It made me wonder, what does Brett look like now? Thanks to MyHeritage Face recognition, he looks like dashing movie star Paul Walker.

Here's the proof!

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Geneology - Ancestors

Prayer Requests 04/13/09

These are the prayer requests submitted during the Busted Halo Show on Monday, April 13th. Please keep these people in your prayers...
- Ramona, Tulsa, OK – for Imelda and Raphael, getting married this Saturday
- Scott, Clarksville, TN – for his mother Shirley, who has terminal cancer
- Tom, Ontario, Canada – for his mother-in-law Gladys who has cancer
- Justin, Indianapolis, IN – for Stephanie who is getting her driver’s license, and for his fiancée Lindsay who recently got baptized
- Sue, Columbus, OH – for Brad who has pancreatic cancer
- Robyn – pray for the family, friends and soul of her friend Paul who just recently passed away
- Father Dave – pray for Cardinal Egan and his health issues
Thanks to all you good people out there. Our prayers go out to you as well.

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Brett Siddell vs. Hot Sauce

Brett takes on Dave's Insanity Sauce. There's a reason why you only put one drop on your food!

Classic Busted Halo. I laughed so hard during this (sorry Brett).

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