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Goodbye to Speak Now

For the fans of Speak Now with Dave and Susan Konig (myself included in that category), sad to say that the show is no more. Dave Konig posted a bulletin on Myspace that he and his wife were headed in a different direction, and thanked everyone at Sirius and the listeners.
A trip to The Catholic Channel's website still lists the two under personalities, but does not list their show in the program description list.
Dave Konig's complete letter can be found here.

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Span the sphere

"Span the sphere" is our look at all things Catholic. Not bound just by the content on the channel, we strive to bring you content you can use from the world of Catholicism. has an interview with The Catholic Channel's Robyn Gould about producing Busted Halo with Fr. Dave Dwyer. The interview is over a month old, so some of you might have already seen it, but it's still a good read. Of the Pope, Gould had this to say:

"He was reaching out and touching hands not just of the youth of the Catholic faith, but also that of the Jewish faith. And I thought that was great, especially at Passover. What greater time to bring that unity together?

Emily Marlow, who worked with the late Father Paul Keenan, has a touching tribute on The Catholic Channel's home page. Father Paul, who was a mainstay since day one at The Catholic Channel, passed away earlier this week after collapsing. Lino Rulli, on his radio show The Catholic Guy, said that the death caught everyone by surprise, including myself. Marlow's words are touching.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but saying goodbye to a family member is even harder. So how are we supposed to deal with our loss? Father Paul taught me how to do it: Remember the essence of your friendship.

Inside Catholic details John McCain meeting with Catholic leaders in Philadelphia bragging about, among other things, his record on abortion. No doubt Bob Dunning will probably address this on Across The Nation Friday afternoon.

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New blog

Nothing pertinent is publisehd here yet, but I'm hoping within the next few weeks to get a blog rolling for Sirius' The Catholic Channel. Stay tuned: hopefully we'll get some more writers in the next few days!

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Something to make you giggle.

Two men walked into a bar. One of them ducked.


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