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Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following people who have asked for our prayers. Thank you.
- Tim - for himself to find a job in this difficult economy
- Michael - for himself and all the patients at his building to get through their many various medical issues
- Jenny - for her cousin Dana and her husband Ryan who are waiting to hear the decision to see if they will be chosen as adoption parents
- Kristin - for herself and her whole family as they are going through the one-year anniversary of a very traumatic and emotional experience for the whole family
- Mike - for the family of Jasper Howard, the UCONN football player who was murdered recently; and also for vocations in the diocese of Bridgeport
- Kendall (from facebook) - for his cousin Cody who is in the Marines who was in a motorcycle accident, and for his other cousin Kyle who was also in a motorcycle accident and may not be able to walk
- Benevolent Brian Z. - for his girlfriend's mother for her continued prayers being answered in terms of her health
- Paige - for her brother Eugene who has stomach cancer, and two young children; and for her best friend Crystal who might have brain cancer; and for herself who is going through difficult legal matters
- John - for a prayer of thanksgiving for coming back to the Lord; and for help dealing with his wife who currently wants a divorce
- Nancy - for health for herself and her family
- Nick (from voicemail) - for the soul of his recently deceased grandfather, and also for the harmony of his family
- Brett - for the health and well-being of the new children of both his good friend Emmett, and also for his cousin Melanie

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