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Boating with Father Dave Dwyer

Courtesy of Robyn Gould, here are some pictures from Father Dave Dwyer, host of Busted Halo (channel 159 on Sirius at 7 p.m. ET in case you didn't know) from his worldwide voyage/vacation. We look forward to Father Dave's return. Stay safe, and don't fall off the boat Father!

Top photo: Father Dave on his cruise ship with St. Mark's Square in Venice,
Italy, behind him.
Bottom: Father Dave's cruise ship staying well clear of the rocks in the harbor at Santorini Island, Greece.

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Ode to Lou Ruggieri Lou may be hosting The Catholic Guy show for a week. As we all heard the news today, Lino will be taking a vacation to France in a couple of weeks. I may have had something to do with Lou considering taking over the show. Since, I was the initial caller “Alex” that called in and asked for Lou to host The Catholic Channel (In do time...). For now he may be hosting The Catholic Guy Show. Also, thanks to all the rest of the listeners that persuaded Lou to host while Lino is gone by calling in and emailing. In reality I was tired of listening to re-runs. On the phone Lou did not sound too confident that the listeners would like him taking over the show, but after the poll today Lou sounds like he maybe really considering it. I think this will present a perfect opportunity for Lou grow in his career and as a catholic.

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The Catholic Channel in the New York Times

Here is an article about The Catholic Channel in the New York Times, with a heavy dose of Lino Rulli. Also within the article are a handful of clips from Lino's show, Busted Halo, Fully Alve, a few of the station's bumpers, and a greeting from Pope Benedict XVI.

It's a very intriguing read, and well worth the time. It's very nice to see TCC profiled in such a widely-read newspaper, and to the New York Times, we say thank you.

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