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Prayer Requests – 09/04/09

Prayer Requests – 09/04/09
Please pray for the following people...
- Janine – for her daughter’s Catholic school for peace between the expanding school and surrounding neighborhood
- Father Dave – for the family and friends of Busted Halo team member Brittany, whose father passed away recently
- Dusty – for the health of his left leg and for continued success of the football team he helps manage
- Marion – for her friend Nancy, who is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer
- Kathy – for good weather for her upcoming women’s retreat
- Michael - for his recently-engaged brother David, for a happy and healthy relationship
- Michelle – for her daughter Kayla, who is looking for a teaching job after relocating to Nevada
- Cindy – for her mother Sally, who injured her head and fractured her vertebrae in a fall
- Mike – for all those in hospitals
- Larry – for himself, as he is a widower and has met someone new at church for blessings on their relationship, and for his niece Susan who has been fighting cancer for 14 years
- Rachel – for her and her husband celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, and for her two kids who are searching for jobs
- Tom – for his friends Ken and Jean who have lost their second child
- Ron – for his son and his son’s wife who are expecting a child (Ron’s 6th grandchild), and for Ron himself as he enters surgery next month for neck issues
- Jim – for a successful move from Georgia to Maryland, and for a successful job search once he gets there
- Jennifer – for Mary who is struggling to cope with the death of her father
- Kathleen – for her friend Bill so that he may return to God, and for the successful birth of twins!
Thanks from all of us here at Busted Halo to all of you out there. Our prayers are with you as well.

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