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Prayer Requests - 12/14/10

Prayer Requests – 12/14/10
The following people have asked for your prayers. Thank you in advance.
- Andy – for himself for regaining stability in both his personal and professional lives
- Anna – for her son Andrew who has been missing for a week
- Deacon David – for the repose of the soul of Bishop John Steinbeck; and for her daughter Natalie who is turning 21 soon
- Lou – for his father Lou, Sr. who has surgery on Friday; for his wife and two sons for being cared for while far away
- Wayne – for new Archbishop Sartain in Seattle
- Sally – for her grandson Michael who is 1-year-old with Down Syndrome who is having heart surgery
- Nicole – for her mother Debbie to make changes in her life so as to be able to spend time with her grandson; and for her sister Samantha for a successful pregnancy
- Paul – for his mother Katherine who is in the hospital and won’t let the medical staff do the suggested procedures
- Marilyn – for her father Dean and her sister Diane who are both in the hospital with cancer; and for her nephew Brad who is attempting to be a doctor; and for herself as she faces medical tests soon
- Mike – for himself as he prepares to take an important Spanish exam
Thank you so much for prayers.

Prayer Requests - 12/07/10

The following people have asked for your prayers in this trying time. Thank you in advance.
- Debbie - for herself as she lost her job and is having a tough time dealing with it
- Mike - for his wife Naomi who is going through a difficult and painful pregnancy
- Angela - for her son Nicholas who is in prison for drug possession
- Don - for a young girl named Kimberly who has already lost 1 kidney to cancer, and the other one is in danger now as well
- Luis - for his wife Nina who had her third surgery in 90 days, and for their daughter Angela who had a miscarriage
- Kate - for herself and her husband Sean as they have recently experienced a miscarriage
- Derrick - for his spiritual director Father Jim
- Jennifer - for her mother Cheryl whose husband died a year ago
- John - for Bishop John Steinbeck who just passed away; and for his son's father-in-law Cliff who was diagnosed with lung cancer
- Pam - for her friends Sue and Bruce for continued healing as they have both been in the hospital for 6 months; and for daughters Stephanie and Kate who are dealing with the difficulties
- Wendy - for herself as she has a surgery coming up, and for whoever ends up taking care of her in her altered state afterwards
- Marilyn - for her niece Carolyn who is going in for a colon operation at John's Hopkins
- Sister Julie - for prayers for the family of her fellow Sister Patricia who passed away last week
- Katie - for her ex-mother-in-law who had a kidney transplant last night; and for prayers for continued success of Busted Halo (thanks!)
Thank you so much for all you prayers.

Prayer Requests - 11/29/10

The following people have asked for your prayers. Thank you in advance.
- Mary - for her brother Mark who is struggling with his faith
- Robyn - for the neo-Nazi men that she saw in her neighborhood to find an open-ness in their hearts and to end the hate
- Jan- for her friend Mary who is in the last stages of her life
- Brett - for Ryan and his family, as his father has suffered a stroke and has also recently been diagnosed with a staff infection in the hospital
- Brett - prayers for the late, great Leslie Nielsen who passed away on Sunday
- Kat - for her friend Kay who is retiring and hopes everything goes okay
Thank you for all your prayers. They are much appreciated.

Prayer Requests - 11/15/10

The following people have asked for your prayers. Thank you in advance.
- Kathleen - for her Uncle Hugh who has two different forms of cancer and the treatments are not going well
- Arlene - for Earl who got pnuemonia and is now on life support
- Sheila - for her brother Fred who is currently going through mental and legal challenges
- Kate - for her friend Cindy who lost her 4-year-old child recently
- Margaret - for her friend Alexandra's children - oldest daughter has multiple sclerosis, one son has bacterial pneumonia, and the other son is having marriage problems and also has MS
- Jerry - for his friends who are suffering from various mental illnesses and for himself as he is being ordained a deacon next year
- Karen - for her father Daneil who is out of work
- Sister Julie - for her fellow Sister Patricia who is still in the ICU; and for her cousin Felicia who had more surgery recently and is hoping for a speedy recovery
- Nick - for his father who has a job interview because he will be out of work at end of month
- Krisanne - for her husband Sgt. Michael Martinez in Iraq - they have a baby on the way, and they pray that he returns safely every day and night
- Michael - for safe travels to Munich and Salzburg for a chorale festival, and for his birthday today!
Thank you for all your prayers.

Prayer Requests - 11/08/10

The following people have asked for your prayers. Thank you in advance.
- Tina - for her daighter Katusha who has lupus, kidney, and heart problems
- Doris - for her friend Karen who has breast cancer, and is also now out a job and is seeking employment
- Lou - for his father Lou, Sr. who has colon disease; also for his Aunt Grace who has terminal cancer; and a prayer of thanksgiving for the fact that he has a new job and new wife
- Sister Julie - for one of her fellow sisters Patricia who is on life support in the ICU; and for her cousin Felicia who is a pediatric oncology nurse who is in pain and needs knee surgery
- Rebecca - for her brother Greg who is going through a bitter divorce process
- Phil - for his son-in-law Ryan to come to the faith
Thank you for your prayers.

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