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Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following people who have asked for your prayers.
- Father Dave - a prayer of thanksgiving for his friend Gary who got answered prayers and found a job
- Carlos - for his daughter Kaitlin for a prayer of thanksgiving for marriage of 18 years
- Brenda - a prayer of thanksgiving for her happy marriage of 38 years; and also for her grand-daughter Emily Ann to be safe
- Gary - for himself to maintain a strong resolve with his decisions; and for his sister for her help
- Jeremy - for himself to hold a job and to manage his stress
- Gina - for her sister Annabelle who is celebrating her 50th birthday
- Brenda - for her brother Mike who has been laid off for the third time, and suffers from depression
- Maureen - for her father who has melanomy on his lung, and for her mother for coping with that stress as well
- Maryann - for her colleague Kathy whose father passed away recently, and she is taking care of her mother who has cancer
- Steve - for both the donor and the 8-year-old who received a heart transplant
- Becky - for her friend who is suffering from depression
- Lizzie - for the sould of her grandfather who passed away recently, and for her grandmother coping with the loss
- Dave (from facevook request) - for his sister who has an upcoming mastectomy
- Christine (an addition, also from facebook) - for her son Andrew so that he may be able to resolve his legal issues and relationship troubles with his girlfriend Crystal, so as to get the help and support he needs to move on with his life
Thank you to all you good people who are praying for your brothers and sisters.

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