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Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following people going through various challenging situations...
- Carlos - for his wife Christine and daughter Monica who are fighting tuberculosis
- Steven - for his own birthday wishes, and for help with his vocation
- John - for his friend who is battling cancer
- Francis -for his friend Stephanie who was recenly in a car accident
- Vanessa - for her and her husband's job search, and for the health of her daughter
- Pat - a prayer of thanks for all the support he got after his heart attack
- Lonnie - for her son's challenging times with Down Syndrome, and so that her other two sons "will be the best that they can be"(and that goes for her husband, too!)
- John - for his friend Nick who was beated recently and is undergoing facial reconstruction, and for his friend Ginny who is going through the RCIA process
- Benevolent Brian - for his grandfather who just recently had hip surgery
- Robert - for his son to be able to cope with his legal separation from his wife, and for future reconciliation in this matter
Thank you for your prayers everybody. It means a lot to us here, and everyone out there.

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