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Prayer with a Paulist

With the holidays approaching, prayers are definitely needed for these three people. This time of year is when we should really band together and lift up those who need love and faith the most. Please remember them among the business this season thrusts upon us.

1. Dustin in Nashville, TN requests prayers for a co-worker with a negative attitude and for his friend Patty that passed away.

2. Paula from Waterloo, IA prayers for her husband, Dave, who is having a tough time with work.

3. Dario would like prayers for his cousin Ramon Angel whose wife has recently passed away from breast cancer.

Bid on Father Dave's Ornament!

LINK: Father Dave's Christmas ornament up for bid

Up for bid on ebay is a Martha Stewart Ornament autographed by Busted Halo's Fr. Dave Dwyer! 100% of the proceeds go to benefit "Taste of the NFL." Other ornaments up for bid are autographed by The Catholic Guy's Lino Rulli, Howard Stern, Naughty by Nature, and James Taylor, among others.

Why not spend some money to benefit others this holiday season, and have Fr. Dave in your home each Christmas? Sadly the laughter does not come with the ornament, although the cheer it brings will certainly inspire laughter among everyone!

About Taste of the NFL:
In 1992, The Taste of the NFL was founded as a one time local event that happened on the eve of the Super Bowl to raise money for hunger organizations. For each of the last 16 years, Taste of the NFL has been presented on the eve of the Super Bowl in each of the Super Bowl cities and more than $6.8 million has been raised and distributed to hunger-relief groups. This event brings together 32 of the finest chefs and 32 NFL alumni players from around the country, paired together according to their NFL city.

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