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"Span the sphere" is our look at all things Catholic. Not bound just by the content on the channel, we strive to bring you content you can use from the world of Catholicism.

• Could the English Mass be going the way of bad Celtics basketball? Well not right now, but In this Newsweek article from June 19, looks like Latin Mass could make a comeback. Pope Benedict XVI, according to the report, would like to make Latin Mass more available, but I prefer english mass: I can't speak a word of Latin and would be so confused. Then again, I'm just an RCIA student, so I know nothing.

• While I don't have to worry about my church being burned by haters in the U.S. as much, our Catholic brothers and sisters in Egypt do. Another Catholic church was destroyed by fire, just three weeks after another one was burned due to tensions between Christians and Muslims.
We definitely have it good here in the U.S.,. Keep them in your prayers

• Happy birthday to St. John the Baptist! American Catholic has more on that, as they profile a "Saint of the Day." on their website.

• In the Catholic Answers Forum, a member asked an apologist if speaking in tongues was the mark of demonic possession. Well, no, but the more educated response can be found here.

And if you listen to Busted Halo tonight, your lone humble author will hopefully make an appearance. I say this in small type because I hate the idea of promoting myself, yet I thought I would mention it anyway.

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