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Sexual Addiction

Fully Alive, Greg and Lisa talked about sexual addiction.I have to admit this was one of the most interesting segments I have heard, at least for me. One of the facts they presented was that about 10% of internet users admit to having a problem with pornography. WOW! 10% that admit it, so how many people are really addicted to pornography?

In the segment one male caller mentioned his problem as well as an email about a woman struggling with internet pornography. The male caller mentioned that it has been difficult to stop. As he describes, he gets an urge to view pornography even if he is tired or when he does not really want to do it at all. As he describes it destroying his relationship with his wife; Greg asks him why has he not joined a group to help. He said that many of the groups (within the church) are expensive and he cannot afford it right now. Greg provides him to seek out help through groups like sexaholic anonymous and to check out the website Unity Restored to help with his addiction.
After that caller Lisa read off a email from an anonymous and her problem with internet pornography also. In her case, her husband does not know that she is dealing with the problem of internet pornography and she is scared to tell him. As she describes she likes videos with rape and anger and is afraid to admit these things to anyone. Greg provides the same information as he did with the male caller along with some women resources. He also suggests for her to talk to her spouse to help her in resolving her problem.
The last segment ended with a couple and the struggle they have had in their marriage and life. They both have a problem of worrying about many things in their lives such as losing jobs, supporting a family etc.. They both went a long time without thinking of god. In the end they give a message that people should have trust in God. The epiphany that came to them was to place trust in god. That is when the things in their lives changed for the best and they learned to worry less only by placing faith in God’s plan for their lives.

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