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Prayer Requests - 06/07/10

The following people have asked for your prayers in their various challenging times. Thank you in advance.

- Jesse -for himself and his wife Meredith as they are having troubles with their marriage

- Dylan - for his mom Stacy who is having surgery on her head

- Max - for his fiancee Jessica, as she will be marrying him this Saturday!

- Harold - for his mother-in-law Grace who was just recently buried; and for his wife Peggy and all of her relatives who are mourning the loss

- Trey - friend's grandfather who recently passed away

- Patricia - for her and her family to have strength as she has been diganosed with cancer

- Janie - for her friend and co-worker Rolando who has brain aneurysm

- Vivian - for Anna-James, an 18-month-old with leukemia at St. Jude's Hospital, and for all the other patients and workers at the hospital

- Ken - for friend Pat who is getting divorced

- Sister Julie - a prayer of thanksgiving for a successful vocation pilgrimage

- Maureen - for her husband Joseph who is in Afghanistan fighting in the war

- Margaret - for her mother Tina who has asthma and back troubles

- Katherine - for her three friends Fred, Jimmy, and Dan who are all soon to be ordained

- Richard - please pray for his son who was injured in combat

- Kathy - for her daughter Viviana who received her 1st communion last Sunday!

Thank you in advance for all you prayers and well-wishes.

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